Learn to FEEL music

Call and response & practice tracks for functional ear training – sing or play along with your instrument


No sheet music – FET is about FEELING the music – not about reading it!


FET is about actively MAKING music. It can’t be done academically. It’s wax on, wax off 😉 

About Functional Ear Training

One of the best ear training methods I’ve come across is functional ear training.

Instead of learning to recognize the sound of individual intervals, with functional ear training you focus on learning the specific sound of a note in the context of tonality.

On FunctionalEarTraining.com I share my call and response ear training tracks that range from easy peasy training sets with just 3 scale notes/degrees up to really spicy ones.

Every training track is provided in three diffrent learning “methods”: Version 1 has the call notes played by an instrument, in version 2 and 3 the call notes are vocalized by a singer either as their Nashville Number System degree (aka “one” or “three” or …) or as their movable do solfa syllable (aka “do” or “mi” or …).

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Functional Ear Training (FET) is suitable for all instruments

Call and Response & Practice Tracks




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