How do the Call and Response tracks work?

In your download package you will find 36 tracks – three in each key.

The individual key is indicated right after the hyphen in the file name.

The call notes are either played by an instrument (“Instrumentalized call”) or vocalized by a singer (“vocalized call”). The singer sings either the number of the function, e.g. “One” or “Three” (Nashville Number System) or “Do” or “Mi” (Solfage or movable Do).

The three tracks in the same key are IDENTICAL – clarinet and singer sing the exact same notes. After the call it’s your turn – sing or play the response.

FUNCTIONALLY all 36 tracks are the same. Instrument and singer sing the exact same call notes functionally. It’s the key that changes.
The functions are the same.
Example: The singer/instruments sings/plays note 1 and 3 resp. Do and Mi. When D=1 that means they are singing/playing D and F#. When Eb=1 they are singing/playing Eb and G.

All 36 tracks are recorded individually; they are not generated by automatic transposition.


If you are up for a challenge, listen to an instrument track and sing the response with solfa syllables or scale degrees 😊

You will also get a PDF-Document with some witty infographics: